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A new orthopedic pet bed for Cheebs!

Those of you who have been with us for a while know of Chibi’s severe hip dysplasia and the constant work we put into helping her live as pain free as possible. That includes daily supplements, pain/inflammation medications, and twice weekly trips to the rehab vet for physical therapy, cold laser treatments, and acupuncture!

Recently we added a new orthopedic pet bed from Brentwood Home to our apartment and Chibi and Kokoro are obsessed! It’s also the perfect size and made of functional material to help with Chibi’s joint issues.

Our bed was delivered rolled up in a box, and once removed from the plastic wrapping, it decompressed on its own perfectly into a fully functional dog bed. Brentwood Home offers a couple different styles, but we opted for the minimal and simple Griffith pet bed for our home.

The bed is filled with an orthopedic cushion that supports dogs and protects their joints at the same time. We got the XL bed which is nice and spacious, allowing both of our pups to fit at the same time. But the bed itself comes in four different sizes so you can get the one most perfect for your pup’s size and liking.

No matter how well-trained your pup is, accidents can often be a concern within the home. With Kokoro, she’s got such a sensitive stomach, I can never be too careful!

The nice thing about this bed is that it’s got a removable, washable, and replaceable cover that is lined with a nontoxic waterproof layer to protect it from stains or smells.

We chose the “Charcoal” (dark grey) color and its tailored tweed lining gives it a homey touch. I love that Brentwood Home is all about crafting environmentally-friendly products with care, and their bed is made right here in California.

Since we added this bed to our apartment, both dogs seem to be in just as much in love with it as I am. The functionality as an orthopedic bed doubled with its simple yet homey design make it the perfect addition to our living room!

Emily is a Los Angeles based content creator with a passion for photography, videography, and storytelling. Through @emwng, you'll find photos and videos of people, places, delicious food, and of course, her two fluffy sidekicks Kokoro and Chibi.


  • May 17, 2018
    Christin Russell

    Do your pups prefer the Griffith bed over the Casper? I am considering these 2 beds for my Corgi, Seppe but can’t decide. Thanks!

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