Bido’s new CBD for dogs

We’ve shared Chibi’s struggles with her orthopedic issues for the past few years here and on Instagram. From being diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia at just over a year old to enduring multiple FHO surgeries to multiple rehab trips every week, we’ve pretty much tried everything to help her live life as pain-free as possible. Just as you can do little things like keeping your dog a healthy weight to reduce stress on their joints or stretching and icing them after a strenuous day, you can also give them CBD supplements to help with pain management.

I’ve been using Curaleaf’s human products for myself, and I was waiting eagerly for their new line for pets Bido to be released to have the pups give them a try!

CBD in pets has many benefits, just like it does in humans. It has tons of benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac benefits, anti-nausea and anti-anxiety effects. For Chibi, her primary use cases for CBD are daily pain and anxiety management. She’s definitely what you would call a “velcro dog,” and she gets more nervous when she’s separated from me.

Kokoro on the other hand is a pretty confident dog. However, she gets a little antsy in new places (wants to sniff EVERYTHING) and was seriously attacked by dogs two times in her life, so her main use cases for CBD are when we go to places where she might come in contact with new dogs (the park, the beach) and when we go to new places (like my new office)!

Bido’s new Pet Drops come in tasty flavors made just for dogs. Kokoro and Chibi are obsessed with the bacon flavor (because who doesn’t love bacon). Make sure to read the instructions and check the suggested daily serving based on your dog’s weight.

The dropper comes with conveniently marked measurements so you can accurately administer the CBD for your pup.

We’ve definitely seen positive effects after giving CBD to the dogs. Both of them chill out and settle around the house much more easily. Kokoro is able to adjust to new environments and growls less at new dogs when she’s taken some CBD. Chibi has been more active than ever and shows little to no signs of pain. Of course, CBD is not a magic cure-all, but we’ve found that it greatly benefits our pups for these specific use cases.

Have you tried CBD for your dog yet?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Curaleaf. The opinions and text are all mine.


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