How CBD fits into my lifestyle

One of my new years resolutions for 2019 was to overextend less. By overextending, I mean taking on too many projects, committing to too many events in one weekend, and just plain learning to say no sometimes when it’s necessary.

It’s been hard. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m hands down a Type A person. I thrive off of staying organized, being productive, and getting shit done. I love the hustle!

Living this type of life gives me joy, but I also feel the stress weighing down on me at times. After an extremely busy day at work or a jam packed weekend, I wish I could unwind and relax just a little more. Without balance, workouts get even more tiring, I get lazy about spending quality time with the dogs, and life is just a little harder to manage.

Chibi is like me. A little anxious most days and strives to be a couch potato deep down. We’ve tried CBD for her in the past and seen some positive results, so when I learned more about the multifaceted benefits of CBD, I thought I’d give it a try to see if it could bring me some calm when I needed it.

To clear things up: cannabidoil (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound that’s derived from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a series of receptors that regular pain, mood, memory, appetite, stress, and the immune system. CBD has become more and more popular as a natural remedy for common ailments such as anxiety and pain. It’s even been shown to help those with PTSD, depression, addiction, migraines, and mood disorders. No, you’re not going to get high off it (like you would with THC, the psychoactive compound derived from cannabis) and yes, it’s completely legal in the states!

Recently, I started using Curaleaf Hemp’s line of CBD-infused products. Their line is pretty vast, consisting of topical lotions, tinctures, mints, lozenges, and vape oils.

Curaleaf Hemp was born out of a group of experienced product engineers and scientists. Each of their products are natural, non-intoxicating, and meet the strictest quality standards in the industry. The hemp used in their line is farmed in the United States and are infused with essential oils to provide benefits.

Their tincture drops provide the perfect on-the-go relief to an extra stressful day. I love having this in my bag or on my desk at the office to use when needed. You can ingest the oil or, like me, simply add a couple of drops topically to your skin and feel the calming effects. My favorite one is Uplift – scented with jasmine and wintergreen, the product smells just plain good and is geared towards stimulating a more positive state of mind.

I’ve also loved using their Lemongrass Lotion on muscle aches, especially after a week’s worth of tough workouts. CBD has been found to have antispasmodic properties and are extremely effective in managing inflammation post exercise.

The lotions have a smooth and light texture to them and smell amazing. As someone who carries their stress all in my shoulders/neck, applying the lotion after a long day of work and chilling on the couch has been another perfect “me” moment after adding CBD to my life.

Right now, you can find Curaleaf in CVS stores, Wegman’s and other favorite retailers as well as at

One more exciting bit of news — Curaleaf just launched their line for pets, Bido! This family of products will be geared towards specific ailments pets experience, and I’m stoked to try it out for Chibi’s orthopedic issues and Kokoro’s anxiety when meeting new dogs. Stay tuned next month as we share ways to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your pet’s life!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Curaleaf. The opinions and text are all mine.


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