Got ma hurr did

I’ve always loved the idea of dyed hair. Not only is it a way of expressing your own individuality, it just looks plain cool! When I embarked on my hair-lightening journey two years ago, things did not go well. My almost-black Asian hair was resistant to so many different hair stylists’ dying techniques. In 2015 I dyed my hair about four times, hoping for a blonde ombre/balayage. I kind of got there. In 2016, I dyed my hair three times with three different people and ended up with weird streaky highlights that were brassy and totally unappealing.

Then, I found MARY! She was the answer to all of my hair problems, and the creator of my hair joy. My first appointment involved me explaining my hair journey and what my end goal was. I had hopes of doing an ash blonde ombre on my dark Asian hair. Mary took a look at my combination of orangey-yellow base color and awkward highlights and was very transparent with her evaluation of what was needed to get my hair to where I wanted it to be. She didn’t over-promise and set my expectations for what was realistic for my hair.

Three five-ish hours sessions (and many months) later, we finally got to my goal! Ashy blonde that is texturized and not brassy.

Mary not only listens to your hair hopes and dreams, but also provides insight and really great recommendations from her experience if you are undecided on any part of your hair transformation.

I highly recommend you check out Mary’s Instagram and book a consultation appointment if you’re interested in coloring your hair.

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