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How to reduce travel stress for your dogs

This post is sponsored by My Happy Pets.

A few weeks ago, we made the trip from LA to New York City and the pups came with! With checking in, security, and each leg of the flight lasting almost 6 hours, the experience of being a jetset pup can be stressful, just like it can be for human travelers.

Both of our dogs are seasoned travelers, but I’ve noticed on past flights that Chibi gets a little anxious, especially during takeoff and landing. She’s naturally a more anxious pup, so when I learned about Zylkene® as a natural solution for helping to calm your pets’ nerves, I thought it would be great to give it a try during this trip.

I’d heard great things about Zylkene® from one of our dog trainers in the past and our vet recommended it for our flight during our wellness check-up just before the trip. Make sure you talk to your vet to see if it’s right for your pup, but it definitely helped Kokoro and Chibi feel more relaxed during our long flight across country. The blue and white capsule is vegetable-based and can be given whole or opened. We use a pill wrap for supplements and medicine, and the pups gobbled down the capsule with no problem.

Formulated for dogs and cats with alpha-casozepine, a hydrolyzed milk protein that has clinically-proven calming benefits. Zylkene can be administered for both short-term and long-term situations that might cuase stress in your pet.

Something as short as our 4-day trip to New York can throw off dogs who are used to a routine, and sometimes pups don’t adjust as easily to change as we would. Fireworks, houseguests, vet visits, you name it. Dogs that react to their day-to-day being disturbed even if it’s just for a few days could benefit from the calming properties of Zylkene.

This time, we started administering Zylkene the day before our flight, and the trip went smooth as can be. Chibi sometimes gets nervous when I’m not around, especially in new places, but she didn’t have any issues chilling in our hotel room without me during the entire trip.

I also keep Zylkene® in my pups’ travel bag if they have to go on their own staycation while we travel without them, especially if their sitter’s home is a new experience.

A lot of stress-reducing solutions like children’s Benadryl or even prescription drugs come with the side effect of drowsiness. This is not something your pup will experience with Zylkene®! Chibi was alert and happy, spending most of our flight watching the clouds go by through the window or napping by my feet.

Check out Vetoquinol’s website (the creators of Zylkene) to learn more about the product and see if it’s right for your pup. Once you’ve decided it’s right for your pet, you can purchase Zylkene® by Vetoquinol through your veterinarian or simply order it online. Wishing you and your pups safe and stress-free travel adventures together!

Emily is a Los Angeles based content creator with a passion for photography, videography, and storytelling. Through @emwng, you'll find photos and videos of people, places, delicious food, and of course, her two fluffy sidekicks Kokoro and Chibi.

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