Sleepypod Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Pet Carrier

Vacation season is finally here! For me, anyway. After having traveled every month since starting my new job, I’m finally taking a few days off in a couple of weeks to head to Corgi Beach Day in sunny California! On so many trips prior, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with some awesome Instagrammers and their pups. Unfortunately, I was never able to bring Kokoro or Chibi with me.

Recently, the kind people at Sleepypod sent over their Sleepypod Air carrier for us to try out and review. Just in time for us to travel to Los Angeles with Chibi underfoot!

The Sleepypod comes in a variety of colors and styles. We went with brown just because I am a fan of neutral earthy tones. The carrier itself can be strapped in by a seat belt for safe and secure travel in a car, but it’s also got a slit on the side so that you can store it on top of a carry on luggage bag. Super smart and handy in my opinion! Makes it so much easier to carry your pet in an easy and convenient manner, rather than lugging them around on your shoulder or having to roll a second carrier in the other hand.


It comes with a well-constructed and sturdy strap as well for if you are carrying it on your shoulder.


The carrier opens up from the top using zippers. Cheebs is a natural fan of tiny spaces and loves the carrier already! We’ve been training her to climb inside and lay down, which I’d always encourage before traveling with a pet. Having them get used to the carrier, no matter what size, will definitely make for a smoother trip on the day of.

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If you’re looking for an airline-approved carrier to travel with your pet in, we’d definitely recommend giving Sleepypod Air a try!


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  1. Randall L.

    25 February

    Hi there!

    Corgis are always a but tricky to transport because of their long bodies. Do you mind disclosing how much pounds Cheebs weigh at the time of this photo? Alternatively, do you think she may have outgrown the product? Please let me know!


    • Emily

      27 February

      Hi Randall! Chibi was maybe about 20 lb in this photo. She is now just over 22 lb. We do not actually use the Sleepypod anymore, but have flown with both dogs multiple times using the Sherpa XL on wheels. Chibi (full-grown) and Kokoro (mini American Eskimo, 18 lb. with longer legs) fit comfortably inside and had no problems for a 5 hour flight. The wheels are nice too because you can just roll them through the airport without having to carry them on your back/luggage. Hope that helps!

      • Randall L.

        6 March

        Thanks Emily! Unfortunately, my two corgs are way close to 30lbs so I think we might have to pass on the sleepypod. Glad you reviewed this product!


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