Mini SoCal Roadtrip

Mini roadtrip excursion completed this weekend! We ventured out to the Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, and Imperial Sand Dunes.

Make sure to plug your nose or breathe through your mouth if you do decide to visit the Salton Sea. There are tons of dead fish lining the shore (which, by the way, is NOT sand like you’d expect to see at the ocean). Keep your dogs on leash and make sure they don’t try to eat the carcasses, because that’s exactly what Kokoro tried to do. Ew!

salton seaP1020770P1020799

The Imperial Sand Dunes are definitely a sight to see. PSA: Do not drive your rented Jeep Wrangler out too far into the sand even though it has 4×4 and all that jazz. You WILL get stuck and you WILL need some kind hearted stranger to pull you out just as the sun is going down. ?

I’ll forever remember this day as “that time that we almost got stranded two steps from Mexico because, well, sunset pictures.”


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