10 Toys Your Dog Needs To Have This Summer

10 Toys Your Dog Needs To Have This Summer

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Can you guys believe it’s April already?! We did some spring cleaning recently with the pups’ things and it was so refreshing. Throwing out old and unwanted toys means that we made room for some new goodies, yay!

We refilled Kokoro & Chibi’s toy bin with a bunch of new camping themed toys from Petco and are so excited to be sharing our thoughts with you guys. Each of these cute smiling plushies have been tested and approved by my two pups:


Below are our 10 favorite toys from the collection.

1. Moose Campers

The big moose and little mosose additions make for a perfect camping portrait with Kokoro & Cheebs. The larger toy shown below is filled with a plastic water bottle, which is one of Kokoro’s weaknesses! She could spend days chomping down on that satisfying crinkling noise.

2. Marshmallows On A StickFrying Pan Toy

How cute are these?! I love that the burnt marshmallow has a sad face – these toys have so much character. Now we just need to add a campfire plush to complete the set!


3. S’mores Plush Toy

You can’t get more kawaii than a s’mores plushie with rosy pink cheeks and big doting eyes. This toy is squishy AND crinkly. Win win! They also have a smaller version with a rope attached, depending on what style of toys your pup is a fan of.

4. Hot Dog Toy

Take a bite, Chibi! This cute stuffed toy is perfect for a game of tug or an afternoon of cuddling.


5. Duck Camper with Rope Legs

I love toys that incorporate a variety of different elements! This plush duck is mixed with rope to make playtime even more interesting for your pup. Kokoro’s favorite part is the hat – she loves tearing at small fluffy pieces and could do it for hours on end.

6. Duck Camper Stick Toy

Just look at the face on this duck! It’s almost too cute to chew on. Wouldn’t you say so, Cheebs?


7. Teepee with Hide Me Toys

A brilliant multi-piece toy that comes with two “hide me” animals that you can stick inside the teepee! Your pup will have a blast trying to get the small toys out.

8. Sausages On A Rope Toy

Made for the tug-o-war loving pup. This is the perfect length for Kokoro & Chibi to pull at between themselves.


You can also fold the two ends together to form a circle and play tug that way. Gives you a better grasp and changes the game up for your dog.


9. Toilet Paper Plush Toy

One of the funniest toys in the collection! K obviously thinks Chibi needs a nice wipe down…


10. Beaver Squeaky Disc Toy

Round, squishy, and equipped with a crinkly beaver tail in the back. Cheebs waited so patiently for me to take this photo, then pounced like a tiger right at him.


There are way more than just 10 in this set of toys, so be sure to check out your local Petco store to see what other nifty toys you can get for your pup this summer. Clean out those old ones and get them something new. Without a doubt your pup will be the happiest camper on the block!


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  1. Carolyn Cheslock

    13 April

    Cute toys

  2. Vicki

    13 April

    Abby would love those toys!

  3. Cathryn

    22 April

    My dog would tear those toys to pieces in under a minute…but they are cute

  4. Melissa Cook

    23 April

    I saw these yesterday. The smore is really cute.

  5. sharon oolman

    24 April

    Awesome toys my dogs would love!

  6. Yaitza Figueroa

    24 April

    Im looking for lamd chop my little angel loves his lamb

  7. Carla Michael

    24 April

    Would love to have some of these. They’re so cute!

  8. Sarah

    24 April

    These are adorable! Our puppy girl needs some new toys

  9. Cory

    24 April

    Got anything dog proof my belgian malinois/ rottweiler would destroy them in seconds

  10. Robin Beck Yarnes

    25 April

    They are very Cute Dog Toys. My Dogs would Love them.

  11. Robin Beck Yarnes

    25 April

    They Are Very Cute Dog Toys!!! My Dogs would Love them so much.

  12. Ethan Connor

    23 May

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  13. Thomas

    2 June

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