A Look Behind The Scenes

I’ve always loved getting a look behind-the-scenes at work by other photographers and artists. To me, editing makes up half of the style and thought behind a photo.

Sometimes my boyfriend begrudgingly takes shots for me and I have to correct for composition, lighting, etc. I’m by no means a master editor and am always practicing to improve more, but today I thought I’d share some of my favorite before and afters to give you guys a peek into some of the less polished photos!

Pavlov waving hi 

Kokoro and Cheebs on a walk

Kokoro catching some air

This kitty in Puerto Rico

Little tiny baby Cheebs

K wishing for some ice cream 

Kayaking with Chibi

Chibi’s first week home

This adorable adoptable puppy

Chibi on one of her first walks

Do you guys like behind-the-scenes content? Stay tuned for more down the road… maybe editing videos or tutorials, too!


  1. Megan

    24 July

    Big fan of your insta, Cheebs and Kokoro are my dog’s spirit animals. Would loveeee tutorials and editing tips!

    • Emily

      24 July

      Aw thanks Megan! Kisses from Kokoro and Chibi!

  2. Loving the BTS content! Your feel is so light & beautiful, it’s nice to see the choices you made to get this cohesion.

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson


    • Emily

      24 July

      Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! :)

  3. KT

    24 July

    Love seeing this and understanding your opinion cause sometimes I feel guilty for my editing- nice to know that someone of your expertise does it! Question: how did you erase some of the background? Like the one of baby cheebs, or Kokoro catching air? Thanks again- absolutely love your work!

    • Emily

      25 July

      To erase the background I usually use a combination of the clone and heal tools, but it depends on how complicated the background is! Things that are textured like sand or grass are usually easier as long as there isn’t a huge difference in your depth of field.

  4. Justin

    24 July

    My favorite account. Would love editing tips for photos like yours!

  5. Dani

    24 July

    Oh thank you for that, that‘s very interesting! I‘d love to see some editing videos. :)

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