Our new favorite brand of dog accessories!

Our new favorite brand of dog accessories!

We’re always on the hunt for new pet brands making well designed stuff. So when we stumbled upon one of grey pouf MiaCara’s dog beds on Instagram, I had to look into the brand behind the gorgeous accessory.

The European pet accessories brand has lines for both dogs and cats and their style fit in perfectly with ours!

We got our hands on the Scala dog bed in grey, large enough for both Kokoro and Chibi to lounge in at the same time.

I wish people would make human-sized poufs like the ones they make for dogs. I sat on the dog bed and it was so squishy and comfortable… probably good enough for my dogs to stop wanting to steal my own bed.

The team was also kind enough to send over their Lucca Long Lead and matching Collar, made of a nice strong raided waxed cotton, natural, un-split, full-grain cowhide leather and satin plated full-brass hook – all made in Italy.

My favorite style of collar and leash by far has to be the rope. The round look just feels like more of a fit for dogs compared to flat nylon or leather leashes. We’ve had issues with dyed accessories rubbing off on Chibi before and staining her fur purple, so now we always go with natural colors.

The leash is a perfect fit size-wise for both of my dogs. Chibi has much stronger of a pull to her than Kokoro and the strength of the rope allows me great control when walking her.

Huge thanks to the MiaCara team for gifting us your gorgeous accessories to try out for Kokoro and Chibi! They’ve made it to our list of essentials already :)

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