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Earth Rated

Today we’re talking about a super fun topic – poopy bags! Earth Day was not too long ago, and I actually mentioned this great company in my BarkPost article about being environmentally friendly with your pup. Funnily enough, the kind people from Earth Rated offered to send me some goodies a few weeks after that, so I thought I’d share a more in depth review on their products here.


Basically, everything about them is green! (Literally… take a look at this all-green poop bag dispenser they sent me. Just in time too, since we lost our old one…)


What is so green about them, you ask?

  • The roll cores and all packaging are recyclable.
  • The white-colored, 100% plastic-free poopy bags are compostable, corn-based, and all-natural.
  • They check and recheck every bag to ensure it’s of the highest quality. When it’s not, they’re donated to shelters for use.

I also love these bags because they come scented and unscented. The scented bags make it bathroom time a little less icky. Especially on windy days…

I have to mention that I was already using these poopy bags before they offered to send some to me to try. The quality of the bags is great and doesn’t feel too thin, like the poop bags you would grab from one of those city-provided dispensers on the sidewalk. You know, the ones that say, “CURB YOUR DOG! IT’S THE LAW!”

Like y’all know, I love sharing intelligently designed doggy-related products that do good, and Earth Rated does exactly that, not only for dogs in need but also for our precious planet earth.

Lastly, they sent us this adorable bandana so even more brownie points just because.


Check out their site or keep an eye out for their products next time you’re at the pet store. Grab some of their bags and do some good when it’s doo-doo time.


DISCLAIMER: Product reviews and promotions written on my blog are strictly based on my opinions, not facts, and I am not paid or partnered with companies I promote unless otherwise stated. If you use any products mentioned on my site, please use them with caution. I am not liable for any issues with use of products I suggest.

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