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The King of Pet-Friendly Hotels

Last week, Chibi and I flew to NYC together just for a few days. Thankfully, we dodged the Bomb Cyclone’s freezing cold and brought some of LA’s warm weather with us (it was a whopping 50 degrees when we were there!).

Of course, since Chibi came along, I needed to find a pet friendly place to stay. Manhattan is not always known for being super dog friendly, but turns out they do have the original Kimpton hotel (Hotel Eventi) located right near Madison Square Park.

I first learned about Kimpton’s hotel chain when I attended Purina’s Better With Pets summit in 2014. Quite a few dogs and cats from Instagram stayed at the hotel during their trip out to the event. Kimpton’s hotels are also known for being extremely pet friendly. This means you don’t have to pay pet fees to have them stay in the room AND there are no restrictions! That’s right, you can even bring a pet mongoose into the hotel.

We arrived in Manhattan just as the sun was setting over Hotel Eventi. Waiting in our room were goodies for me (chocolate covered strawberries – the way to my heart!) and a comfy bed and brand new pile of toys for the Cheebs.

The bathroom had to be my favorite part of the room. Covered in white marble and glass, it gave off a clean and bright feeling (always something positive when it’s a bathroom)!

Chibi fit perfectly into the sink, but don’t worry I didn’t actually wash her in there. She did get 4-5 baths during our few days here since the streets of New York City tend to get super gross due to the melting snow and automobile traffic. Something I completely forgot about since we moved to LA..!

After we checked into our room, the team there was kind enough to give us a private tour of the hotel and tell us some of the stories behind the artwork that can be found all over the premises. There are quite a few gorgeous spaces that you can rent out for private events, and this suite on the fifth floor was one of them! My favorite part of the room was the library complete with a ladder that Cheebs wished she could climb.

The staff were also able to help us set up a dog walking service for the day that I had to work and leave Chibi behind. Many of the other hotels I’ve stayed at have not allowed dogs to be left alone unattended in guest rooms, but this is not the case at Hotel Eventi. Makes things a lot easier for the busy traveling dog owner!

Huge thanks to Kimpton Hotel Eventi for the hospitality during our trip.

Emily is a Los Angeles based content creator with a passion for photography, videography, and storytelling. Through @emwng, you'll find photos and videos of people, places, delicious food, and of course, her two fluffy sidekicks Kokoro and Chibi.


  • January 20, 2018

    Can I ask how you fly Chibi in airplanes? I also have a corgi and would love to know your experience flying your dog. Do you give Chibi any calming treats? What kind of pet carrier do you use? Can you let her out of her carrier and place her on you lap?

    Any information will be super useful!

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