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Wondercide Organics

Happy Earth Day!

In the spirit of keeping things green and sharing earth-friendly doggy products, today we’re giving away Wondercide’s Natural Flea & Tick spray. You can use it in your home and directly on your pups for a natural and safe way to combat pests and mosquitoes without using chemical pesticides from typical flea and tick control ‘spot drops,’ pills, and sprays! Wondercide kills on contact AND repels, using food-grade ingredients.


The product itself is actually lab-tested to kill 100% of fleas on contact using natural ingredients. This spray kills & repels fleas, ticks & mosquitoes and can be used on dogs, cats, bedding & upholstery. It’s a preventative and treatment, depending on how you use it. The active ingredient in Wondercide Flea & Tick products is cedar oil, which works by blocking octopamine, which is necessary to regulate heart rate, movement, and metabolism bugs like fleas and ticks. Flea & tick season is coming around now that winter is (thankfully) over, so I’m super glad to have had the chance to try this out.

Follow @wondercideorganics and leave a comment at my Instagram post to win a “Try Everything Pack” that help protect pets with their organic, non-toxic, pesticide-free products! 


With this pack, you can try both Cedar and Cedar + Lemongrass of Evolv (for dogs & cats), BioDefense (for indoors) and personal insect repellent. You’ll also get a sample of Skin Tonic and all 4 of their natural soap options.


Check out Wondercide’s site and social channels for more info:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/wondercideorganics
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wondercide
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wondercide
Website: www.wondercide.com

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