LA Restaurants: Plan Check

LA Restaurants: Plan Check

A few months ago we visited Plan Check Kitchen & Bar at their Sawtelle location. This weekend, fellow foodie and good friend @eatoutsideofthebx came to visit us in LA. We decided to give Plan Check’sĀ Santa Monica location a try.

I was previously sold on their chicken & waffles so this time, we decided to try out the fried chicken. Yet again, the fried chicken did not disappoint! It was so crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I’m still partial to the chicken & waffles and highly recommend everyone give it a try.

The lobster roll was also on point. They didn’t skimp on the lobster at all (look at thoseĀ giant pieces of claw meat!) which is often hard to find with lobster rolls. We gave theĀ sweet potato waffle fries and chowder fries a try as well. Usually I don’t really like sweet potato, but these definitely converted me into a sweet potato fan.

Out of both of my visits, Plan Check hasn’t failed to impress. Next time I’m definitely going to try the lobster pot pie… been eyeing that one for a while!

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