Pet-safe bug control for your home

Last month we shared our thoughts on Zevo’s eco-friendly insect protection for your home! It was the perfect way to help protect against the occasional spider and fly that would make their way into our home.

Now that we’re all settled in to the new house, we created a video to showcase how to use the sprays and traps around the house.

Zevo has a line of Instant Action Sprays for the bugs you see, allowing you to eliminate them instantly. Their Flying Insect Traps are for the ones you don’t see, constantly attracting them so they’re not buzzing around the house.

Zevo Instant Actions sprays provide both safe and powerful insect protection that can be used around people and pets. We never want to use products filled with chemicals that we can’t pronounce, like imiprothrin, cypermethrin pyrethroids, butane or propane. Zevo’s sprays also lack that gross chemical smell, keeping your home nice and fresh!

Check out Zevo for chemical-free, eco-friendly and most importantly PET friendly products that will protect your home from summer pests. You can also use the code CHIBI20 to get a nifty discount off your next order from Zevo!

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